10 Ways To Make Money Whilst On The Road Full-Time, Number 6 Is Really Hard!!

1) Go freelance If you’re in an industry that allows it, so you can continue to work whilst you travel. We run an events business, whilst this is not completely run online, the majority of our event enquiries can be actioned via the web and any event management required onsite we fly out to the venue and run the event & then fly back.

2) Teach online courses in your industry – Brett is a professional Chef & we stumbled across a website offering paid online cooking courses, you Skype your paying viewers and teach them how to cook. Do a search, there may be one in your niche too!

3) Change career!!! Find one suited to freelancing or working online. Set up your own business and work it remotely – Travelling is totally worth a career change for such a life style change.

4) Work as you travel there are many sites showcasing jobs in various industries that you can apply to, why not try working as a chalet host in the Swiss Alps, a snowmobile tour guide in Norway, a horse trekking guide in France, a groom in Germany, a waitress in Croatia, a PR in Spain, an elf here in Lapland (I’m not kidding, they exist) .. I could go on, and on there are so many opportunities out there if you know where to look – check out these websites; there is literally something out there for everyone’s skillset and English is a huge benefit.

5) Become an Instagram influencer this one is a little harder to achieve & you might want to either succeed in this from the relative safety of your home before you rely on it totally or run it as a hobby whilst you begin travelling and earning from the above points. However, I’ve heard that influencers make a ton of money and what better way to Instagram than from on the road??!

6) Be a Vlogger as above, Brett and I are trying to make vlogging pay, but so far, no luck, and we are 2 years in. So be prepared for a lot of work and little pay off in return, focus on other methods of money and anything from vlogging is a bonus! πŸ™‚ However, you can save money by getting free experiences and trips which makes the hard work worth it!

7) Rent out your house – If you have a house and you’re planning on travelling – don’t sell it!!! Rent it out and the rent will not only cover your mortgage (if you have one) but will also provide some much needed income each month. There are interest only mortgage options out there that allow an even greater profit each month. That being said, we don’t love this option and ours is still on repayments as we hope to have the house paid off by retirement so that all our rental income will cover our living/travelling costs in retirement. πŸ™‚

8) Travel through Workaway.info this is a good option, but doesn’t pay you any money, however, they cover your living expenses including food, so you can essentially travel immediately without a single penny in your pocket – so what are you waiting for??

9) Sell products online – using drop shipping, you don’t have to stock the items and then you can just deal with the sales and see the money come in.

10) Get creativemake beautiful gifts from things you find and sell them on Etsy. There’s no need for a warehouse as each item is unique and postal services are really reliable in Europe. You could make driftwood signs or trees from beaches collecting in Estonia (like we did) or if you aren’t the arty sort, you could source unusual items in local craft stores on your travels and re-sell them online for a profit.

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