15 Cost Saving Ways To Travel The World, Number 5 Is Our Fave!

Do you have a burning desire to travel the World? Brett & I dreamed of visiting as many countries as possible, and every year we took our 4 weeks annual leave from work in one block and visited as many countries as we could fit into the time. -Often only spending 2 or 3 days in each location! When we were made redundant we realised this was our opportunity to travel permanently. Although we have very little income we still make it work and here’s how:

1) Take your accommodation with you

Don’t spend money on hotels or airbnb! Take your home with you, on wheels! …and the best part? You never need to pack or unpack again! Combining travel with accommodation – it’s a win!

2) Don’t spend money on eating out!

Brett & I made a pact early on in our travels to avoid eating out at restaurants. We were never big restaurant goers so it wasn’t a sacrifice. We’ve taken it a step further & we don’t even eat out for convenience – any road trips without the RV attached, we take our camping stove and cook our lunches and dinners on the side of the road.

3) Free Camp or Boondock!

Donโ€™t solely use campsites, travel around countries using free camping. Sleep in lay-bys or service stations when you’re on the move & check in to a campsite first thing in the morning. This way you essentially have 2 days of access to camp facilities for the price of 1 night – genius! Then you can unhitch your caravan & explore the local area.

4) Negotiate A Discount Rate

If you do use campsites, stay longer than a few days and negotiate a longer term deal price per night. Check out our free downloadable list of fifth wheel friendly campsites here.

5) This One Is Our Favourite Money Saver ๐Ÿ™‚

We discovered the wonderful world of Workaway.info when we were running out of our redundancy money and had even discussed dropping the travelling dream entirely, we were in Lithuania at the time, and had spent several thousand on campsites around Europe around ยฃ20-ยฃ25 a night in most.

6) Live Simplistically

You really donโ€™t need those new clothes, or fancy haircuts, or makeup – youโ€™ll only ever see people once, & they donโ€™t care what you look like! I had a large wardrobe on my list of requirements for our caravan/fifth wheel, I honestly have not used 90% of my clothes that I brought with me, and Brett installed a jewellery holder in our ensuite that holds so much makeup and jewellery and I stopped wearing both within 1 month of being on the road. Sadly with 2 kids and no family around we aren’t able to have a date night anymore!! Yes, there a couple of downsides to travelling full-time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

7) Stay Healthy

Brett & I work hard to keep fit & eat healthily in order to reduce any doctor visits. We try to follow a vegan diet (in some countries that is very difficult) I have been on a Keto diet for 6 months. I follow an exercise routine consisting of core workouts, running and yoga, and we maintain our emotional wellbeing through meditation and practicing gratitude, but if the worst happens, we have our health insurance for full time travellers to rely on. We recommend Digital Nomads Insurance.

8) Go Vegetarian/Vegan!

Cutting out meat and fish has reduced our shopping costs since we turned veggie about 4 years ago. For a few years we were completely vegan, and we do mostly follow a vegan diet now. However, eggs have made a comeback to our diet since we moved to Kilpisjarvi as there are very little egg substitutions available and vegan processed options carry premium prices.

9) Cut Subscriptions!

No amazon prime, ban Netflix, you won’t want to waste your time watching TV there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored just outside your door. As a family we have enjoyed eliminating TV (there is no signal anyway) and cancelled all our streaming subscriptions when we left in order to save money, now we read more, play family board and card games and do a lot of fun activities together. Life is better without mainstream media!

10) Change Up Your Phone Provider

We initially ran our phones through the mobile network 3 (based in the UK) but we were hit hard with major charges at the end of every month sometimes doubling our monthly cost despite being limited on the amount of internet (20mb) you are allowed on roaming they allowed us to go over and then charged us for it! We have since discovered Smarty who charge just ยฃ10 per month, and we have never gone over it! Awesome!!!

Ultimately travelling is the cheapest way to live, there is no mortgage to pay or rent, council tax, electricity, water, phone bills etc. The only costs you have are the running of your vehicle and insurance, and campsite fees; if you boondock solely (which you can with solar panels/generator) or move from Workaway host to Workaway host then you can even eliminate those. We recommend that the first thing you do is input all your income and expenditure into a spreadsheet and work out what expenses you’ll be eliminating and see exactly how much you’ll need to live working on the cost of campsites at an average of ยฃ25 per night (obviously they vary from country to country). This is the first step to your new life on the road.

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