Exposed – Avoid A Crisis! Travel Insurance – What You Need To Know.

full-time travel insurance gives you peace of mind, so you can enjoy your travels.

Insurance for full-time travel might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it is a vital safety precaution.

Lucky for you, we did the leg-work, so you don’t have to!

We understand all too well the nightmare that is finding the best insurance for full-time travel. There is much that you should consider when travelling, especially full-time.

Accidents do happen!!

In our first year of travel we had to claim on travel insurance several times; Gabriel trod on a Weaver fish on a beach in the Camargue and was blue-lighted to hospital.

Travel Insurance prevents nasty bills from Hospital stays. Here is Gabriel in hospital after treading on a weaver fish.
Gabriel in the hospital in Camargue, France, having trodden on a Weaver fish in the sea.

Grey ran a really high fever with a mouth infection and was rushed to the hospital in France. Twice. & required antibiotics. He also had an allergic reaction to dairy proteins in Lithuania, and had to see a doctor. Gabriel had an allergic reaction to nuts in Finland and his entire face swelled up – it was very scary!! Oh, and by the way, neither child had suffered from allergies previously to travelling!

I slit my foot open on the underside of the RV in Latvia and needed stitches. Whilst Brett required dental treatment in Estonia. You can watch that lovely ;-P episode here:

All that, in 1 year!!!!! I know that seems very unlucky, but these things can occur anytime to anyone, & you need a travel insurance company that covers everything.

If you would like to see more of our adventures (& mishaps) check out our YouTube Channel.

There is an ultimate peace which comes from being covered, in the worst possible times.

Travel Insurance is a must-have for full-time travel!

One thing that we have learned as full-time travellers is that anything can occur. Look at Covid-19, which resulted in a worldwide pandemic. It was unpredictable, and various countries were subjected to a lockdown. Can you tell whether your flight will be canceled or not? Do you know when you shall fall sick? It is for these and many other reasons that smart travellers purchase an insurance policy. Travel insurance for full-time travel is a must-have!

Which travel insurance is the right one? It can be so difficult to find an insurance company that covers a full 365 days of travelling, but we FOUND one!! 

We spent a day trawling the net looking for a company that would insure us for the full 365 days of being on the road. So many companies out there only insure you for part-time travel, insisting that you return to the UK (or your home country) for a few months every year. Which, obviously is no good for full-time travellers.

 In the end, we stumbled across the wonderful World Nomads Insurance that covers you for everything you can imagine. You can do all the activities you enjoy and still have that peace of mind that should anything happen, you’re covered.

What Does World Nomads Insurance cover?

  • Death overseas & repatriation
  • Baggage or gear lost or stolen or damaged
  • Trip cancellation
  • Medical repatriation
  • Dental
  • Medical 
  • Accidental medical emergency
  • Terrorism incidents

Here are 7 Benefits of Travelling with World Nomads Insurance:

  1. They cover over 200 adventure activities!!!
  2. You can purchase cover online while travelling & extend it whilst still on your trip.
  3. Protect your gear – they cover all your photography, videography and computer gear!!!
  4. Trip cancellation protection
  5. Emergency medical insurance cover
  6. Emergency Evacuation 
  7. 24/7 Universal assistance
Get travel insurance whilst on the road, without having to return to your home country. You can also extend your cover if you plan to stay longer.
You can apply whilst on the road (or on the beach!!) & extend whilst still travelling πŸ™‚

World Nomads offers two plans – a Standard Plan and an Explorer Plan – each with different benefits, limits and sub-limits of cover.

  • Standard Plan: Includes a range of benefits such as overseas medical, cover for your belongings, pre-trip cancellation and certain adventure activities.
  • Explorer Plan: Has all the benefits of a Standard Plan & more, including: travel delay, missed connection insurance, natural catastrophe, Hijack, rental car excess and lost/stolen cash up to Β£500.  The explorer plan comes in only slightly more than the standard plan, but offers almost double the pay-outs when you make a claim.

Why Choose World Nomads Insurance Company?

World Nomads stand out from their competitors by allowing travellers to make a claim or extend their cover online without returning to their home country. Unlike their competitors, World Nomads cover multiple adventurous activities and spots. Furthermore, they have competitive prices. Check out some of their features below;

1. Full Cover 

Get the most out of your adventurous travel and enjoy activities like skiing, snowboarding, paragliding, rock climbing etc.

Members travel safely as the company sends travel alerts and guidance to their clients. In case of an emergency, the firm will land you back home safely. Full-time travellers also have financial protection. 

2. Best Support

The customer support of Nomad Insurance is responsive and professional. You have the guarantee that your problem will be processed immediately. The support team is friendly and can also be contacted on their social media platforms. World Nomads is flexible and fast.

3. Great Reputation

World Nomads was established by a fellow traveller who understands our struggles. Moreover, some of the competitors who offer a cheap policy lack the cover that a full time traveller requires. More often, travelers are left stranded, because they did not read the fine print of their travel insurance.  

Don’t let that happen to you, there is nothing worse than being stuck in a strange country without family around in a stressful situation – I know, I’ve been there! For the price of a cup of coffee per person per week it’s well worth the investment!!

For our family of 4 travelling through Europe for an entire year, we pay Β£600 annually for the explorer insurance that’s just Β£11.50 per week for all 4 of us, which works out to be Β£2.88 per person per week.

Final Verdict: Do Not Leave Home without Travel Insurance!

Don't leave home without travel insurance.

The majority of travellers overlook the importance of getting travel insurance. We strongly recommend that you should not leave home before buying travel insurance. Have peace of mind whilst on your adventure, by spending a couple of bucks on travel insurance!

Grab a no-obligation quote, it only takes a few seconds and you’ll see exactly what I mean!!

This content uses referral links. We earn a small percentage of commission if you sign up to World Nomads Insurance through one of our links. We don’t promote any brand we don’t use ourselves. We spent ages researching this insurance product, so you don’t have to!! πŸ™‚

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