Who We Are

We are a family of four; Amelia, Brett, Gabriel (10), Grey (2) and our two cats Lola and Skye travelling the world in our American fifth wheel caravan and filming as we travel. Brett is from Johannesburg, South Africa & I was born in Taunton, Somerset although I grew up in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We met each other in 2007 in Puerto Banus in Spain and had Gabriel in October 2010 this prompted a move to the UK to bring him up in England. We were married in February 2015 and our weddings were featured in the press around the world, as we married 8 times in 8 different countries in front of some of the most iconic places in the World.

In April 2018 we welcomed Grey into our lives in Bath Hospital.


Unfortunately, in March 2019 Brett and I lost our live-in event management jobs in Wiltshire, United Kingdom, which came with a cottage on the conference venue site. We were given a few months notice, so we spent a long time discussing ideas, we knew we no longer wanted to work for someone else and we had to make that happen above all. We looked at purchasing a property with enough outbuildings to convert to event spaces so that we could run a conference and event venue for ourselves. However we quickly realised we didn’t have enough capital to achieve the dream effectively and we would be left with a lifetime of debt and struggle – exactly what we didn’t want. We finally came to the decision to run our events company; International Events remotely. I had set it up in 2011 under the name of AmeliaSophy Events but kept it running on the back-burner whilst employment had it’s steely grip on me. After coming to the stark realisation that a conference venue was not going to work we realised that if we ran the company online we could do it from anywhere, and thus our travel dream came alive.

We had wasted a lot of time looking at ‘sticks & bricks’ and with time running out before we had to leave our work cottage and would effectively be homeless and jobless. We discovered the world of American Fifth Wheels by chance and decided that was the way we could work from home and home could move! After a lot of researching on them and Youtube videos we were hooked! It was a perfect solution for our family; a room for Gabriel and Grey, enough space for our two cats and the ability to park anywhere we wanted and be able to take our car to explore the surrounding areas.

We travelled to look at some across the UK – Manchester, Cambridge, Birmingham, Suffolk and finally we came across American 5th Wheel Centre in Northampton. We explained to Neale what our requirements were, in hindsight what we thought we needed were not nearly as important! Here was our list:

  • Large wardrobe space
  • 2 toilets
  • Separate bedroom for the children with door (not curtain)
  • Washing machine

He delivered on all points – but you know what? The wardrobe was my most important point & I haven’t worn any of the clothes hanging in it! I just use the leggings, jeans and tops in the drawers above our bed, my wardrobe has become a shrine to the Amelia I used to be. Clothes are so inconsequential. I also have a huge jewellery organiser – I haven’t worn jewellery since we left the UK!! Not to mention make-up – I just don’t see the point anymore.

We bought the RV site unseen, as it had to be shipped from the States and then it had to pass the British MOT style certificate. We were so clueless as to the towing laws – we would have bought one that we weren’t legally allowed to tow if it had been down to us! If you want to know more about the red tape of towing a fifth wheel in the UK get in touch, we will be glad to help! Brett took a specific towing driving test so his driving license was valid for the weight, & Neale sorted the fifth wheel license, but we had to wait months for it, leaving us homeless from the middle of March until the RV was cleared to travel by DVLA. We stayed with my parents in the South of France in a little village called Les Essards, finally after months of waiting it arrived in the middle of May and we set off on our adventure.

We have documented the trials and tribulations of our journey as best we can – with no prior knowledge of filming, editing, youtubing, it has been a sharp learning curve! Not to mention all the learning of how to tow the fifth wheel, where to park, how the sewers, tanks, water connections, electric connections all work! It has been stressful but I can’t imagine a better way to live. Travelling is fantastic and we are so happy to share our journey with you, we understand that not everyone has opportunities like this and can’t make it happen so we invite you to come along with us on our journey around the World.

Inspiring Quotes

Not all those who wander are lost.

JRR Tolkien

The most beautiful place in the world is, of course, the world itself.

Wallace Stevens

It is better to travel well than to arrive.


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