Presch Spirit Level Magnetic 230mm – Small, Unbreakable and Magnetic Torpedo Level with 3 Level Bubbles – Boat Level – Scaffold Level for Builders





Color: Orange / Blue


  • FLEXIBLE – The magnetic level has three levels. A horizontal, vertical and angle bubble allows exact measurements in horizontal, vertical or 45 degree inclinations. Practical PRESCH torpedo levels!
  • PRECISE – The small spirit level bubble viewing window gives you three sides from which to check that everything is in line. It can be used to screw on sockets and to hang or stick up pictures.
  • UNIVERSAL – The magnetic spirit level is ideal for drywall construction, scaffolding, camping, for craftsmen such as electricians to mark switches, sockets, flush-mounted boxes and screws. Or for DIY
  • IDEAL – The small torpedo spirit level can be fixed with its magnetic strip on magnetic surfaces and forms a miniature set in addition with a ruler or meter rod. Perfect as pocket level.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & ROBUST – The use of lightweight, yet durable plastic with protective rubbers, allows the mini spirit level with magnet to be stowed flat in the folding rule bag.


You may have a trained eye but whoever thinks you would work by eye alone is mistaken. Of course, as an experienced crafsman, you reach for your spirit level and make a mark of authority that is second to none.

Triple precision
The mini spirit level is equipped with three calibrated level bubbles. This means you will always get accurate results that you can trust under different measurement conditions.

Innovative technology
Thanks to the integrated magnets, you have your hands free and you do not have to hold the spirit level while drawing. Thanks to its compact size, even tight conditions are no longer a problem.

Our magnetic spirit level is coated in a particularly resistant plastic mixture. Protective rubbers on the ends absorb impacts and blows of any kind.

Always ready for use
The lightweight plastic design and compact size allow you to stow the spirit level flat in your pocket. So you always have it to hand: whether for interior construction, drywall construction, gluing or screwdriving and hanging pictures or on camping holidays for aligning the motorhome. After use, the tool can then be hung up easily.

What are you waiting for? Click on your shopping cart now and never let crooked pictures or cabinets bother you again!

EAN: 4260465136508

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